Especially for Parents

Why a Anime/Manga Club?

The Anime and Manga Club is for New Milford’s teen patrons to gather and discuss two popular media:  manga, or Japanese print comics and anime or Japanese animation.  We will explore these formats talking about everything from the art form, cultural context, mythology, history to pop culture.


6th through 12th graders

Who is the Club’s moderator?

The club is moderated by YA Librarian Valerie Fisher.


We meet the THIRD Wednesday of every month from 4-5:30 in the meeting room at New Milford Public Library.


If you like anime and manga or just want to know more about it or just spend the afternoon with friends, this club is the place for you.  Join others who share your interests.  Discussions range from what title should we chose next to visual literacy, Japanese culture, history and pop culture.

Create recommended reading lists, contribute your own reviews, artwork and commentary on your favorite titles. Contribute to our blog.  Make your voice heard:  this group provides excellent advice on what to buy in this genre

Sequential Art

This is traditional comic art form most often recognized by text bubbles and panels.

What is Manga?


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